Bringing together under one brand, the worlds best designed and manufactured marine cables

ADMIRAL Marine Cable

22 / 06 / 2022

ADMIRAL Marine Cable Solutions by Cable Solutions Worldwide brings together under one brand, the world's best-designed and manufactured marine shipbuilding industry cables. ADMIRAL is a comprehensive range of quality manufactured, industry-proven, marine-compliant performance cables. The range includes Power & Control Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Medium Voltage Cables, VFD Cables, Profibus Cables, Category Cables, Fibre Optic Cables and Coaxial Cables.

Our select range of cables covers every marine shipbuilding application. These include signal and communication cables in radio, radar and information systems, throughout various electromechanical and electronic equipment, for medium voltage power distribution and electric power transport between the engine room generator and electrical machines. For power, lighting and control systems, we supply proven and compliant cables that are flame retardant, fire-resistant, low smoke, and halogen-free.

Cable Solutions realises the importance of high-quality, reliable electrical marine wire and ship cable.  Our cables are selected from proven cable manufacturers, selected for exceptional performance and endurance in the field, in both wet and dry conditions on FPSOs, FSOs, Ships, Boats and Offshore Support Vessels. 

Graham Ross, Business Development Manager commented - “Building the ADMIRAL brand of marine shipbuilding cables has enabled us to bring together a selection of the world’s best, tried and tested performance cables. We’re not stuck to one supplier or in offering a particular product, we can select and supply the very best marine cables on the market today, building a cable brand that offers the best quality, building consumer confidence through product reliability.”

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“The world’s best, tried and tested performance cables”