NOFIRNO® Pipe & Cable Penetration System

The ultimate safety and protection for your pipe and cable penetrations

Powered by innovative technology, our NOFIRNO® pipe and cable penetration system offers unparalleled flexibility and protection for sealing cable and pipe penetrations in the most demanding marine, offshore, and industrial environments.

As a trusted partner of CSD Sealing Systems, Cable Solutions is proud to offer an extensive range of NOFIRNO® products and solutions to address diverse cable penetration and cable duct sealing requirements effectively.

Developed and manufactured by Beele Engineering, the NOFIRNO® system is a game-changer in the field of penetration sealing. Engineered to seal various cable types and metallic, composite, or plastic pipes, this system is versatile enough to seal single or multiple pipes, as well as combinations of pipes and cables through a single penetration point.

The NOFIRNO® system comprises two key components: rubber insert sleeves and NOFIRNO® sealant.   Together, they deliver robust fire, water, and gas protection that sets a new standard in penetration sealing technology.

Crafted from premium silicone materials, NOFIRNO® sleeves and sealant boast a tested service life of over 20 years.  Free from low-quality materials that promote moisture absorption and corrosion, the NOFIRNO® system remains unaffected by fire.  With controlled expansion and exceptional insulating properties, the system ensures optimal protection for pipes and cables during fire events.

For watertight and gas-tight protection of cable ducts, manhole entries, duct bank entries and similar applications, look no further than the NOFIRNO® system.  Widely used in the utility and energy industry worldwide, this system safeguards critical applications where water and gas ingress must be prevented.

Contact us to learn how the NOFIRNO® system can elevate the safety and protection of your pipe and cable installation.

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Nofirno pipe and cable penetration system


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NOFIRNO Pipe & Cable

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