Rise Nofirno® offers ‘ultimate flexibility’ for sealing cable and pipe penetrations

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01 / 11 / 2019

Based on revolutionary technology, the NOFIRNO® system offers the ultimate flexibility for sealing cable and pipe penetrations found in many global industries, and suitable for the most challenging offshore environments.

The design of the system allows for pipes and cables to be passed through the penetration off-centre, or at an angle. Since the system is based on adhesion and not compression, the risk of damage to fibre optic cables is completely eliminated. Wherever pipe or cable penetrations have to be sealed, NOFIRNO offers the most cost-effective solution today; it provides the highest fire ratings, the shortest installation times, and a maintenance free service life. The system is Type Approved for the harshest ratings including Jet Fire Class, and approved for watertight, gas-tight, blast and shock applications.

Cable Solutions Worldwilde supplies NOFIRNO® Pipe and Cable Penetration Sealing Systems to various industries including oil & gas, subsea, ship building and renewable energy.

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