Design, supply and manufacture of Subsea Composite Cables and Assemblies continues to grow and expand Cable Solutions Worldwide

composite cables

17 / 07 / 2015

With the increasing demand from deep-water developments, offshore and marine cable specialist Cable Solutions Worldwide has been at the forefront in developing new bespoke subsea cable designs capable of operating in depths of 3000MSW and beyond. This has seen Cable Solutions Worldwide enter into new and exciting challenges, pushing the boundaries of harsh environment subsea cable design to satisfy the ever expanding subsea sector demands.

As well as deep-water applications Cable Solutions Worldwide has enhanced its growth in developing a range of neutrally buoyant tether cables for smaller ROV TMS systems, along with continued development in subsea inspection camera systems, underwater camera and lighting cable, including various fish farming applications and supporting various renewable installations worldwide. With the added ability to offer a wide range of electro-optical turnkey cable assemblies offering a plug and play cost saving solution to many subsea applications, this has helped Cable Solutions Worldwide broaden its scope of supply and strengthen its growth.

Cable Solutions continues to expand into new areas in the subsea sector offering low MMQ’s, fast turnaround and stocking capabilities. For further details please call Cable Solutions Worldwide / Kintore, Aberdeen on 01467 633790.