AmerCable Gexol® Cables

Amercable Gexol Cables
Gexol® Insulated Oil & Gas Cables are the industry’s standard for premium power, control and instrumentation performance. Gexol cables prove their value daily in the punishing operating environments of offshore drilling and petroleum facilities around the world.

Offshore applications challenge cable construction with relentless heat, vibration, salt corrosion, drilling mud and mechanical stress. And reliability is a huge issue – because it’s a long, long way to the nearest cable warehouse. You can depend on Gexol Insulated Oil & Gas cables for safe, reliable performance in the harshest operating conditions.

VFD: Gexol Variable Frequency Drive Cables (VFD) offer optimum performance in variable frequency AC motor drive applications. They are 2 kv rated, are flexible and provide 100% coverage containing VFD EMI emissions.

CIR: Gexol CIR (Crush and Impact Resistant) unarmoured marine cables. These cables offer the same protection against mechanical damage as standard armoured products but offer significant savings on weight and on installation times. As a result less cable support is required, offering further topside weight savings.

MMV: Gexol MMV cables provide a flexible solution offering cables from 5 to 30kV on short lead times and with small MMQ's.

Gexol Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables to IEC 60331. A range is offered for the most demanding of environments, where circuit integrity is essential during a fire and low toxicity is a requirement.

Typical benefits / features include: