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18 / 12 / 2019

Over the years, Cable Solutions Worldwide has supplied a wide range of topside and subsea cable configurations to operators for industry projects around the world. Projects for camera systems, ROVs, subsea installations, towed array, geophysical, fish farming and supporting the marine renewable energy sector.

Customers understand when they come to us with bespoke cable requirements, they will have full technical data sheet and quotation within 24hrs. Being able to provide such a fast response at the early stages of the project allows us to walk the client through the process to the end solution. From design to manufacture in typically 4-6 weeks.

We enjoy working closely with our customers and observing the demands that harsh environments put on our cables. Understanding cable characteristics and environmental constraints have allowed Cable Solutions to develop its cable design portfolio, delivering superior results. We design - we manufacture - we supply.

David Gill - Technical Sales Manager, added ... “The ability to offer a comprehensive range of composite cables, including the design and supply, has allowed Cable Solutions to grow its business worldwide. We have seen an increase in sales this year and the trend is positive, having secured additional business in the Norwegian sector.”

subsea cable in subsea environment