Cable Manufacturing

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Cable Solutions Worldwide understand the challenges and intricacies of topside and subsea installation communications within the oil & gas, subsea, marine and renewable energy industry. We work closely with customers to observe the demands of harsh remote environments and focus on cable characteristics including temperature, pressure, strength, depth and other criteria necessary to design and manufacture a cable that delivers superior results.

Cable Solutions Worldwide specialise in the design and manufacture of customer specified harsh environment, composite cables, umbilicals, tethers and top drive service loops.

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Cable Solutions Worldwide specialise in bespoke cable design and manufacture for specialist oil & gas, marine and energy related projects. We support many assets, including Drilling Platforms, Jack-up Rigs, Semi-submersible rigs, Land Rigs, Subsea Installations, FPSOs, Support Vessels and ROVs. We also provide solutions to the renewable energy industry, manufacturing bespoke cable solutions for wind and tidal energy farms.

Cable Solutions projects have covered a wide range of topside and subsea applications from transmitting scientific data from remote areas around the world, including offshore communications between oil platforms, rigs, vessels, subsea installations such as manifolds and wellhead towers, renewable energy wind farms, and providing broadband signal to remote areas.

Whether your bespoke cable requirement needs to be hi-flex, armoured, improved signal speed, deep-sea, flame retardant, hi-temperature or ruggedised for harsh environments, our knowledge and experience in cable design and manufacture enables us to deliver an efficient and cost effective solution. 

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Cable Solutions Worldwide offer a wealth of industry experience including materials technology, design and engineering excellence. We focus on the highest standards in design, manufacture, quality assurance and testing to obtain the most suitable and robust cable solution for its intended topside or subsea application. 

Our proven range of subsea umbilical designs, combined with our expertise and knowledge of critical internal components enables Cable Solutions to provide clients with bespoke solutions for individual project requirements. Our cables, umbilicals, tethers and top drive service loops are designed to operate long-term in harsh and challenging environments.

With manufacturing expertise and years of knowledge in the energy sector, Cable Solutions offer responsive product and technical support, and can manufacture bespoke cables at short notice and supply short lengths to customers in support of project trials.

General cable applications include: