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Immediate stock turnaround

26 / 07 / 2020

Due to increased global sales across the marine and offshore sectors, customer growth has facilitated an increase in Cable Solutions stock portfolio across all product stock lines. During these uncertain times, we have continued to invest in our inventory to support our clients both locally and internationally. With the installation of a new cable management and storage system last year, it enables us to offer immediate stock turnaround, so clients get what they need when they need it.

Our comprehensive stock of NEK606 BFOU and RFOU cables is also now complemented by a full stock of NEK606 mud resistant fibre optic, ethernet (Cat5/Cat7) and bus cables, all available for immediate despatch. All of our NEK606 cables are available with Class 5 flexible conductors for ease of both handling and installation and are of course DNV and ABS approved.

Colin Fraser - Managing Director commented ... “Listening to our clients has allowed Cable Solutions to expand our portfolio to now include a range of single-core flexible BFOU cables (up to 300mm) and multi-triple instrument cables (up to 12 triple), as well as supplementing our existing stock to ensure we can both handle our smaller daily MRO business as well as being easily able to provide solutions for all sizes of projects from stock.”

Cable Solutions expands stock portfolio