Fibre Optic and Data Cables

QFCI fibre optic data cables

Cable Solutions Worldwide design and manufacture fibre optic and data cables. We understand the challenges and intricacies of topside and subsea installation communications within the oil & gas, subsea, marine and renewable energy industry. We work closely with customers to observe the demands of harsh remote environments and focus on fibre optic cable umbilical characteristics including temperature, pressure, strength, depth and other criteria necessary to develop cable designs that deliver superior results.

Cable Solutions projects have covered a wide range of topside and subsea applications from transmitting scientific data from remote areas around the world, including offshore communications between oil platforms, accommodation platforms, rigs, vessels, subsea installations such as manifolds and wellhead towers, renewable energy wind farms, and providing broadband signal to remote areas. In contrast to most types of electrical cables, fibre optic data cables use light instead of electricity to transmit signals. This is the fastest method of transmitting data and fibre optic data cables has the advantage of not being subject to electrical interference.

As the need for more sophisticated fibre optic applications develops, Cable Solutions remains on the leading edge in the bespoke design, manufacture and supply of fibre optic subsea cables, umbilicals and tethers, using different optical fibres, alloys and outer encapsulation material for robust underwater subsea and topside applications. Cable Solutions offer a comprehensive range of various fibre optic data cable options including single mode, multimode, tight buffered, loose tube, steel tube, plastic tube and ruggedised for all applications.

Cable Solutions, stock and distribute NEK 606 spec QFCI Fire Resistant, Steel Wire Braid Armoured, Optical Fibre Cable which is DNV Certified. QFCI cables are specially designed for use in communication and emergency systems that need to operational during a fire and are manufactured with a Low Smoke, Halogen Free & Fire Resistant outer sheath. These cables are ideal for many different applications including the following; PA/GA System, DP System, ESD System, Security System & PLC Control System. Our range of QFCI fibre optic cables are flame retardant to IEC 60332-3-22 Category A, and approved by DNV-GL and ABS ensuring quality and safety.

Typical types of Fibre Optic / Data Cables include: