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    16 / 04 / 2019

    QFCI fibre optic cables are designed to continue operating in a fire for up to 3 hours at temperatures up to 750°C.  These unique fire resistant fibre optic cables ensures that all safety and vital operational systems keep functioning as normal during a fire, this provides the perfect cable solution for offshore emergency communication.  QFCI fibre cables are DNV approved, compliant and meet the circuit integrity requirements of IEC 60331-25.

    QFCI cables are unique.  The loose tube construction and steel braid armour keeps the cable flexible for easy system installation on rigs, ships and vessels, whilst protecting the optical fibre cores. The outer jacket is black and made from a thermoplastic halogen free compound and the inner jacket is made from a low smoke halogen free compound, both in accordance with IEC 60092-359.  The cable jackets, galvanised steel wire braid and fire resistant mica tape, provide weather, UV, oil and fire resistance, making it ideal for extreme offshore environments where system integrity and sustainability during a fire is required.

    Graham Ross - Business Development Manager commented ... "Cable Solutions hold in stock and distribute the full range of DNV- GL ABS Certified NEK 606 spec QFCI fire resistant cables. These cables are specially designed for use in communication and emergency systems that need to be operational during a fire, therefore integral to asset operations and personnel safety in the offshore oil & gas, marine and shipping industry."