Supporting our client’s land rig project with 15 service loop assemblies

30 / 10 / 2019

Cable Solutions Worldwide has completed on the manufacture and delivery of 15 service loop assemblies for a client in Europe. Our reputation and speed of service is becoming well known in the marketplace, with drilling companies and operators beginning to take note, and place orders.

Graham Ross - Business Development Manager commented ... "Our client's Land rig upgrade project will benefit directly from our top drive service loop technology and quality. The project was delivered within the required time envelope and within budget; we’re delighted to be picking up substantial new business across Europe, and at the same time retaining existing client business”.

With expertise in top drive service loops, Cable Solutions Worldwide has shown that it excels in quality, lead time delivery and overall cost.  The current oil & gas market is now benefiting directly from our respect for tight margins, speed of service and customer care. We’re an experienced team with a competitive drive, and we’re working hard to be the number one supplier of top drive service loops worldwide.

service loop assemblies