RISE NOFIRNO Pipe and Cable Penetration System

Cable Penetration Sealing System
Based on revolutionary new NOFIRNO® technology, RISE/NOFIRNO® offers the ultimate flexibility for sealing cable and pipe penetrations. The system is made up using two simple components; rubber insert sleeves and NOFIRNO®Sealant, which provides the fire, water and gas protection.

Installation: For pipe penetrations, you simply place the NOFIRNO® filler sleeves around the pipe and then apply NOFIRNO® ealant. For cable penetrations, you place a RISE® Sleeve around each cable, fill the remaining space with NOFIRNO® filler sleeves, then apply NOFIRNO®Sealant to both sides of the penetration. RISE/NOFIRNO® is not only robust, it's simple to install for maximum protection aganist fire, water and gas.

Cable Solutions Worldwilde supplies RISE/NOFIRNO® Pipe and Cable Penetration Sealing Systems to various industries including oil & gas, subsea, ship building and renewable energy.

Features of RISE/NOFIRNO® include: