NOFIRNO Pipe & Cable Penetration System

Cable Penetration Sealing System
Based on revolutionary new NOFIRNO® technology, NOFIRNO® offers the ultimate flexibility for sealing cable and pipe penetrations. The system is made up using two simple components; rubber insert sleeves and NOFIRNO® Sealant, which provides the fire, water and gas protection.


Developed and manufactured by Beele Engineering, NOFIRNO is a revolutionary new penetration sealing system developed for the harshest marine, offshore and industrial environments. Applications are designed to seal any type of cable penetration, as well as any metallic, composite or plastic pipe penetration. The system can be used for single or multiple pipes, or any combination of pipes or cables through the same penetration.

In partnership with CSD Sealing Systems, Cable Solutions offers a wide variety of products and solutions to address virtually any type of cable penetration and cable duct sealing application.

NOFIRNO/Aquastop System

The NOFIRNO® AQUASTOP® sealing system is a proprietary, state-of-the-art sealing system for existing pipe and cable penetrations that are experiencing water leakage. The system can be applied to wet surfaces, resulting in a long-term seal against further water ingress. The existing, leaking seal can either be removed or left in place when utilizing the NOFIRNO® AQUASTOP® system.

NOFIRNO Cable Duct Seal System

The NOFIRNO® Duct Seal System is the proven choice for watertight and gas-tight protection for cable ducts, manhole entries, duct bank entries, and similar applications where cables exit ducts or core-drill holes. This system is used extensively in the utility industry worldwide to protect critical applications in substations and other areas where water and gas ingress must be prevented..

Highest Grade Materials

NOFIRNO sleeves and sealant are made from the highest grade silicone materials, and have a tested service life of over 20 years. Unlike some competitive systems, the NOFIRNO system contains no cheap calcium silicate or mineral wool blankets, which can absorb moisture and cause corrosion of the penetration collar and pipes inside the collar. The NOFIRNO rubber is not consumed by fire. The NOFIRNO sealant has a more controlled expansion and immediately forms a protective layer and when exposed to fire.  The air trapped within the system also acts as a good insulator. The NOFIRNO seal also has a cooling effect on the cables and pipe as an endothermic reaction takes place in the NOFIRNO rubber when subjected to heating at temperatures of circa 350°C


The NOFIRNO system is Type Approved for the harshest ratings for A, H and Jet Fire Class, and is also approved for watertight, gas-tight, blast and shock applications. The design of the system allows for pipes and cables to be passed through the penetration off-centre, or at an angle. Since the system is based on adhesion, not compression, the risk of damage to fibre optic cables is completely eliminated.


Kiwi Telefication Notified Body 0560 declares that the ’Nofirno Sealing System and its sealing system for electric cable transits through ‘A’ class divisions is fully certified, with respect to Marine Equipment Directive MED and the implementing regulation (EU).


For pipe penetrations, you simply place the NOFIRNO® filler sleeves around the pipe and then apply NOFIRNO® Sealant. For cable penetrations, you place a RISE® Sleeve around each cable, fill the remaining space with NOFIRNO® filler sleeves, then apply NOFIRNO® Sealant to both sides of the penetration. NOFIRNO® is not only robust, it's simple to install for maximum protection aganist fire, water and gas.

Cable Solutions Worldwilde supplies NOFIRNO® Pipe and Cable Penetration Sealing Systems to various industries including oil & gas, subsea, ship building and renewable energy.

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