Top Drive Service Loops

top drive service loops
In partnership with Nexans AmerCable, Cable Solutions Worldwide supply OEM quality top drive service loops and supplies them to global clients. All land and offshore drilling top drive service loops are engineered and produced at Nexans AmerCable's state-of-the-art cable and service loop production facilities in the USA. Cable Solutions Worldwide are the main European stockists and distributors for AmerCable Top Drive Service Loops.

Our highly experienced technicians add couplers / connectors as specified, then each loop is computer tested and packaged in weatherproof containers.

Nexans AmerCable has been producing top drive service loops since 1993. Our professionally engineered service loops are built to withstand the hazardous operating conditions and dynamic stress of land drilling operations.

Cable Solutions / Nexans AmerCable partnership delivers short lead times / reliable on-time delivery / outstanding engineering and technical support / great customer service. Nexans AmerCable service loops are engineered and produced at our state-of-the-art cable and service loop production facilities.

Typical value benefits include:

high-strength cover carabineers


high-strength cover carabineers

Our covers provide a tidy & safe workspace



top drive service loop cover
Exclusive global distributor for HPT top drive service loop covers, Kelly hose covers, and choke & kill hose covers.

Cable Solutions Worldwide has partnered with Hose Pro Textiles Inc. (HPT) for a complete line of top drive service loop covers, Kelly hose covers, and choke & kill hose covers. All HPT products are designed and manufactured in the USA with US-sourced materials specifically for your application. Cable Solutions Worldwide is your exclusive HPT distributor.

Made from Ballistic nylon laminate, our heavy-duty covers are abrasion resistant and suitable for extreme environments where strength and durability are vital. Heavy-duty Velcro and sewn-on tie-down straps keep the covers in place during operation, encapsulating all moveable components into one managed unit.

It’s been proven that heavy-duty protective covers will keep your loops and hoses in the best possible condition, reducing expensive downtime and maintenance costs. Our covers protect all loop and hose components, extending their service life. Additionally, our covers hold catenary loops together in one secure bundle, making sure that any sensitive wires inside the cable loops no longer swing around uncontrollably, damaging themselves by hitting structural areas.

Top Drive Service Loop Covers

The cover design allows easy installation and maintenance, with the ability to inspect loops without disconnecting them or removing the cover. Our covers also go some way to solving the problem of uneven loop lengths, by manufacturing a bespoke cover with a diameter based on your rig’s loop length setup, we can accommodate and support any separation at the belly of the loop.

Kelly Hose (Mud Hose or Rotary Hose) Covers

Our Kelly Hose cover is a smaller, simpler version of the service loop cover. The cover wraps the full hose length to cushion and protect the rubber skin. We can also manufacture a larger cover to bundle the Kelly spinner lines. Additionally, our covers protect personnel and reduce any clean-up footprint if a hose fails.

Typical value benefits include: