Top Drive Service Loops

top drive service loops
In partnership with Nexans AmerCable, Cable Solutions Worldwide supply OEM quality top drive service loops and supplies them to global clients. All land and offshore drilling top drive service loops are engineered and produced at Nexans AmerCable's state-of-the-art cable and service loop production facilities in the USA. Cable Solutions Worldwide are the main European stockists and distributors for AmerCable Top Drive Service Loops.

Our highly experienced technicians add couplers / connectors as specified, then each loop is computer tested and packaged in weatherproof containers.

Nexans AmerCable has been producing top drive service loops since 1993. Our professionally engineered service loops are built to withstand the hazardous operating conditions and dynamic stress of land drilling operations.

Cable Solutions / Nexans AmerCable partnership delivers short lead times / reliable on-time delivery / outstanding engineering and technical support / great customer service. Nexans AmerCable service loops are engineered and produced at our state-of-the-art cable and service loop production facilities.

Typical value benefits include:

loop covers on top drive loops

loop covers

top drive service loop cover
Top Drive Service Loop Blankets

Making sure your top drive service loops are kept in the best condition is made possible with our service loop blankets - covers.

There are many benefits when using the blankets. Generally the service loops are kept together in one protective cover, preventing any hang-ups in the mast and any direct damage due to harsh weather. Our Top Drive Service Loop Blankets are constructed from material suitable for extreme weather climates and reinforced with Nylon for strength and durability. The blankets have a versatile construction which allows for the loop cover to be opened for cable inspection etc, and refastened without removing the cover.

The product material remains flexible beyond - 50°F. Our yellow tie-downs have a breaking strength of 10,000 lb. Carabiner locks help secure and hold the cover in place. During manufacturing, material edges are turned and sewn to prevent nylon fray.

Ultimately the main benefit of the service loop blanket is to reduce stress on the service loop cables. This can help increase welfare of the loop assembly and lower maintenance costs - service loop damage and associated down time is reduced. We hold stock sizes, available in standard lengths from 55’ to 75’.

Typical value benefits include: