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NEWS –  24 / 01 / 2024
top drive service loop orders

In a promising start to the year, 2024 has witnessed an impressive influx of top drive service loop orders, each demanding swift and efficient processing. Rising to the occasion, Cables Solutions and Nexans AmerCable have proactively supported their customers worldwide, ensuring timely deliveries across the board.

With a dedicated sales office and production team, both companies have tirelessly worked together to meet critical deadlines ahead of schedule, setting a high standard for exceptional customer service. The top drive service loop orders include those from new, legacy, and returning customers, each with unique requirements and geographic locations.

One notable order stems from a new customer in the North Africa region. Control and Aux Loops for a land rig have been secured, showcasing the growing presence and trust in Cables Solutions within the industry. This partnership with the new customer further solidifies their mutual commitment to operational excellence and innovative solutions.

For a valued legacy customer in South America, a comprehensive set of top drive service loops has been ordered. This full set comprises 2 x 646MCM power loops, 1 x Instrumentation, 1 x Aux loop, and 1 x Fluid loop for their drillship. The order not only reflects the continued reliance on the exceptional products offered by Cables Solutions but also emphasises the longstanding partnership between the company and this legacy customer.

In yet another testament to customer satisfaction, a returning customer from the West Africa region has placed an order for a Hydraulic Top drive service loop for their drillship. This showcases the trust and confidence established through previous successful collaborations between the customer and Cables Solutions.

top drive service loops
cable and service loop industry

With a focus on relentless innovation and incorporating cutting-edge technologies, Cables Solutions has positioned itself as an industry leader in providing top drive service loop solutions. Their ability to consistently meet customer requirements, regardless of location or complexity, has fortified their reputation and garnered increased business opportunities worldwide.

As businesses strive to overcome challenges and seek excellence in their operations, the remarkable efforts of Cables Solutions and Nexans AmerCable in delivering top drive service loops with unparalleled efficiency and quality have undoubtedly set them apart from the competition. As the year progresses, Cable Solutions will undoubtedly continue to raise the bar in customer satisfaction and technological advancements.

For more information on how we can support your current and future requirements, contact our dedicated team for personalised assistance. Additionally, you can stay up to date with our latest content by connecting with us on Linkedin and signing up for our monthly e-news.


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