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fluid top drive power loop

24 / 05 / 2023

Cable Solutions awarded a string of orders from new and existing customers

Combined, we are delivering 34 loops to new and existing customers across Europe. Graham Ross - Business Development Manager commented ... “The Cable Solutions team are delighted to receive recent orders. For a new customer in Eastern Europe, we are delivering a selection of OEM Quality top drive service loops for use on land rigs and jack-up rigs, and existing clients across Europe for use on semi-submersible rigs and land rigs. We are working with many new and existing operators across many countries including the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, Malaysia and Mexico. Cable Solutions are now very much recognised as a trusted company, delivering OEM Quality top drive service loops, cost efficiency and product durability to global oil & gas operators worldwide.”

Tried and tested formula that increases efficiency and reduces costs

The quality of manufacture of a top drive service loop and the overall cost to the client is a deciding factor when purchasing, but being proven in the field over many years is also a major consideration, after all, real-time statistics speak volumes for any product. Our OEM Quality top drive service loops are manufactured to the exact specifications of the manufacturer, providing the same quality of product, however, in some cases the evolution of the design detail and manufacturing techniques make these products superior. 

We provide the same product or better, that’s a fact, but what are the other real benefits to the oil & gas operator? These are “cost and availability”, keeping the budget ‘sharp pencil’ allows for greater financial savings, and that’s the real-world benefit of OEM Quality parts. There is no risk or fuss, just the right field proven quality and cost efficiency. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you have an OEM quality manufactured, proven, tried and tested product that’s going to help you get your rig back online and any downtime minimised. No matter the classification or specification of your top drive, all of our OEM Quality top drive service loops are made to order. We work closely with our clients to offer the best lead times possible.

Together we produce the most advanced OEM Quality top drive service loops

Our partnership with Nexans AmerCable means that we have over 30 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of OEM Quality top drive service loops at our fingertips. Cable Solutions benefit today from next-generation engineering and innovation, our top drive service loops are more durable, faster rig-up and rig-down, lower total cost of ownership and less downtime. At the forefront of technology and product innovation, our OEM Quality top drive service loops are lighter and more flexible with a smaller bend radius and overall diameter. They have a much better pull-out breaking strength and benefit from mould-cured jackets reinforced with stainless steel armouring and aramid fibres, protecting inner cables from the elements. Additionally, our top drive service loops are easy to install, and there is no need for the complicated redesign of flange fittings on the client’s assets. Together, we produce some of the most advanced OEM Quality top drive service loops available on the market today.

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