Top Drive Service Loop order for Aberdeen based drilling company

semi-submersible rig in north sea

27 / 06 / 2019

The last quarter has seen more than 100 service loops and cable assemblies leave our production line, and it's no surprise to our hard-working team.

Cable Solutions are 'more than competitive', and feedback from customers has suggested that our lead times are better than other manufacturers. Cable Solutions maintain focus on the key factors, product quality, cost efficiency, lead time delivery and customer satisfaction.

The recent order from an Aberdeen based drilling company seen us manufacture the connectorised top drive service loops for the DDM-650 top drive motor of a Semi-submersible rig based in the North Sea. Cable Solutions are delighted to support local drilling companies as it continues steady growth in the top drive service loop market.

Colin Fraser - Managing Director commented - "We are learning quickly, there are a number of factors that you must excel in to succeed in the top drive service loop market, and we seem to be handling them and heading in the right direction. We are competitive to the stage that we are winning new business both locally and globally with a 'sharp pencil', and equally as important, we are servicing repeat business with long-standing customers."

top drive service loops for Aberdeen drilling company