TOXFREE ® Marine Cables

Toxfree Marine Cables
The Cable Solutions Worldwide portfolio for marine application cables includes a full range of TOXFREE ® flame retardant and fire resistant cables. Personal safety is top priority. Halogen free cables are suitable for marine installations where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes create a potential threat to life and equipment.

TOXFREE ® marine cable variations are available armoured and unarmoured and according to the fire performances: flame and fire retardant / fire resistant.

All TOXFREE ® Marine cables are designed and produced according to international standards. Choice of materials and construction ensures that the cables are resistant to vibration and to most chemicals and hydrocarbons.

In the event of fire, TOXFREE ® marine cables do not emit toxic gases, nor do they give off corrosive gases, avoiding any possible damage to people or electronic equipment. For these reasons TOXFREE ® cables are highly recommended for the marine industry. The halogen free range of cables includes both flame retardant and fire resistant cables.

These cables have been specifically designed according to IEC applicable standards in order to comply with the requirements for marine installations in terms of construction, properties and performances. TOXFREE ® cables carry the approvals of leading certifying bodies in the maritime industry.

TOXFREE ® marine cables cover almost all cable needs in marine installations.

Typical TOXFREE ® cable variations include: