Custom cable assemblies for global energy industries

cable assemblies, power and control

20 / 06 / 2023

Established as a major supplier of subsea, topside cables and top drive service loops for the global energy industries, Cable Solutions has developed its range of products and services over the years with the creation of its cable assemblies department.

Cable assemblies built to last - you think it, we build it!

From basic cable preparation to customised and complex cable assemblies for specific project applications, we have the experience, knowledge and in-house capabilities to supply high-quality cable assemblies to energy industries worldwide. Our expertise in cable design, construction and assembly allows us to deliver custom cable assemblies for global oil & gas, marine and renewable energy projects.

Our custom cable assemblies are made to the required specification, length and orientation to make installation easier and quicker for the client. To maximise the quality control and delivery speed of our products, our cable assemblies are thoroughly tested, certified and client-approved before despatch, giving us the edge on quality, lead times and price.

We can produce any cable assemblies, some of which include wind turbine cable assemblies, power, control and monitoring cable assemblies that determine the pitch and direction of wind turbine blades, photovoltaic cable and solar connector assemblies to interconnect solar PV panels to distribution grids, coax and triax cable assemblies, ribbon cable assemblies, battery cable assemblies, top drive service loop cable assemblies, and control panel cable assemblies for offshore oil & gas applications.

Graham Ross - Business Development Manager commented ... “Our position in the market allows us complete flexibility, giving us the capability to meet your custom cable assembly requirements to the highest standards and the tightest deadlines. All of our cable assemblies and in-house expertise are backed by our ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance. Our engineers work with customers to accurately assess project applications and requirements and generate drawings that provide a complete cable and assembly connectivity plan. With high quality and cost-efficiency in mind at all times, we build the right cable assembly configuration for simple installation and future maintenance.”

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