Quality inspection determines and verifies the quality level of our products and service

top drive loops quality inspection

18 / 10 / 2022

Quality control is at the heart of everything we do at Cable Solutions. It’s a set of in-house procedures we undertake to ensure our products and service conform to a defined set of quality criteria whilst meeting the specific requirements of our clients.

Graham Ross, Business Development Manager, commented - “Cable Solutions is delighted to deliver a 3 core 777MCM power loop to an existing client operating in the North Sea. The loop has been manufactured to be used on their platform, on a TDS11 top drive. Sales in our top drive service loop department has been encouraging to say the least. Repeat client business for our OEM quality top drive service loops confirms the quality of our products and services. Our quality control and management assists our company in creating and developing a product and service which is desired by our customers, it also builds sustainable core business, client loyalty and trust.”

Pre-shipment quality inspection at Cable Solutions gives our clients peace of mind that their order has been quality checked successfully before dispatch. This helps ensure that our products meet our stringent protocol and strict standards associated with the oil & gas industry.

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