Cable Solutions picks up a string of orders for its Top Drive Service Loop Blankets

blanket cover straps and carabiners

15 / 02 / 2019

Making sure your top drive service loops are kept in the best possible condition is vital if you are looking to reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Could a loop blanket be the answer?

Graham Ross - Business Development Manager commented ... "When using our blankets, the top drive service loops are kept safely together in one protective cover, preventing any hang-ups in the mast and any direct damage due to harsh weather. Our blankets are constructed from material suitable for very extreme weather climates and reinforced with nylon for strength and durability. Our yellow tie-downs have a breaking strength of 10,000 lb and quality carabiner locks help secure and hold the cover in place, it's a quality package, and it's proven to reduce maintenance costs over time."

Cable Solutions hold two stock sizes, from 55’ to 75’. If we can support you with Top Drive Service Loops and or Loop Blankets, please contact us for a speedy response and a competitive package.

loop blankets in detail