BS6883 / BS7917 UKOOA Cables

Cable Solutions Worldwide stands as a premier provider of compliant British Standard power cables to cater to the diverse needs of the global energy markets.

With a comprehensive range of sizes readily available in stock for immediate delivery, clients can benefit from top-quality cables that meet stringent British standards.

Full Range of UKOOA –  BS6883 / BS7917 British Offshore Shipboard Cables c/w Class 5 Flexible Conductors (Power, Control & Instrumentation).

Our stock profile includes marine & offshore power, control, and instrument cables from 1 Core through to 37 Core and from 1.5mm² up to 300mm² as well as instrumentation cables from 1 Pair through to 24 Pair and from 0.75mm² up to 2.5mm².

BS6883 British Standard Cable

Designed for use in demanding offshore environments, BS6883 cables are commonly utilized in ships, vessels, and offshore installations, particularly in critical areas such as control rooms, computer suites, social areas, kitchen spaces, and accommodation zones. These cables find applications in essential systems such as emergency lighting, shut down operations, control mechanisms, fire pumps, gas systems, and alarm installations. Notably, BS6883 cables are chosen for their ability to protect lives in situations where smoke and noxious fumes pose a threat, and where sensitive equipment can be safeguarded from damage by acid-forming gases.

BS7917 British Standard Cable

BS7917 cables are a dependable choice for hazardous areas, serving as the fire-resistant standard for offshore applications. With a wide array of cable types falling under the realm of British Standard BS7917, these cables are extensively employed in marine vessels and offshore structures for lighting, power supply, control functions, and instrumentation.  Engineered without compromising on fire-resistant circuit integrity, BS7917 cables are adopted in scenarios where the emission of smoke and noxious fumes could endanger life.

British Standard 3 core cables, UKOOA
British Standard cables, UKOOA



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