Hybrid Cable Design & Manufacture

hybrid cable design

Cable Solutions Worldwide design, manufacture and supply topside and subsea composite hybrid cables, umbilicals and tethers (electrical - fibre optical cables) for the oil & gas, subsea, marine and renewable energy industry. Cable Solutions support global customers with responsive product and technical support, and are able to manufacture custom hybrid composite cable harnesses at short notice and supply short lengths to customers for project testing.

Product lifespan is the key objective of Cable Solutions’ mission to provide customers with high quality cable manufacturing, testing, certification and on-time delivery worldwide. Our knowledge of materials, power, signal, manufacturing processes, topside and subsea industry constraints give us the edge when it comes to designing composite hybrid cables for harsh environment. Typically, polyurethane and polyethylene are used during hybrid cable manufacture, providing high abrasion resistance, strength, flexibility, reliability and longevity. 

With a strong offshore engineering background, Cable Solutions design composite hybrid cables to meet customer requirements and necessary offshore standards, taking into account topside, subsea applications, location and cable lifespan requirements. Cable testing and reporting of voltage, capacity, fatigue, bending, stiffness, flexibility, insulation resistance etc are observed to ensure all cables meet the specific application criteria.

Through our quality management system, we achieve and maintain our quality standards by focusing on verification and qualification testing, as well as conformance to recognised international standards.