Electrical Cable Design & Manufacture

bespoke cable design

Our subsea composite electrical cables (submarine power cables) are used to transport an electric current topside and subsea at high voltage. Cable Solutions can custom design and manufacture electrical submarine power cables for any oil & gas, subsea, marine or renewable energy project. With manufacturing expertise and years of knowledge in the energy sector, Cable Solutions offer responsive product and technical support, and are able to manufacture unique electrical composite cables at short notice and supply short lengths to customers in support of project trials.

Alternating-Current AC electrical submarine cables for transmitting lower amounts of three-phase power are normally designed and manufactured with three-core cables placed within a single composite cable. Most offshore-to-shore wind-farm cables are constructed this way. For larger amounts of transmitted power, the AC systems are composed of three separate single-core subsea underwater cables, each containing just one insulated conductor and carrying one phase of the three phase electric current. A fourth identical cable can be added in parallel with the other three, simply as a spare in case one of the three primary cables is damaged. In single-core electrical cables the core is surrounded by a concentric armouring. In three-core cables, three cable cores are typically laid-up in a spiral configuration before armouring.

Cable Solutions focus on the highest standards in design, manufacture, quality assurance and testing to obtain the most suitable and robust hybrid composite cable for its intended topside or subsea application.